White Faced Ducks by Maria.

The Madikwe Photographic Workshop with David Rogers took place in early May over five days. And what incredible sightings we had. Wild dogs, leopard, lion, rhino, elephant, cheetah, buffalo and much more…. . It was a great trip and fun to link up with old friends (Maria, Rob, Nick and Gayle) and to meet new ones (Ole and Neil). Thanks to Jacis Safari Lodge for such great service. Incredible work area, great food and the tents are fantastic. Of course we were shooting for upwards of 10 hours a day so there was not too much time to enjoy them. The hard work paid off and we captured some great photographic results. I must say that I have been a photographer at Jacis for many years recording the stunning lodge environments, but it was so great to be a client and to experience this lodge first hand. The environment, which is on the edge of the Kalahari, is stunning. And the sightings were awesome. The guiding was also great with Johan being a first class guide and being first for his customers and for the environment at the same time. Well done Johan, you are a great example to other guides out there. Deon from the lodge was our judge and his winner was a pair of white faced ducks. Great shot Maria. It just goes to show that it is the unexpected, and not the most obvious big and hairy subjects,  create the most impact. I am also putting up some of the other favourite images voted from the group and look forward to hearing your comments as we move forward It was great having you all on a digital workshop and I look forward to the next one! Check out my page and upcoming blogs for new trips as they are announced.

Flying lilac breasted roller by Rob Lewis.

Great shot Rob. The tail makes this image of a fairly common bird something quite extraordinary.

Mushroom by Ole Oxvang.

This shot just goes to show what you can make out of very little, the advantages of low angles and also the power of photography to reveal the beauty of small things.

Star Circles by David.

I think that there is room for improvement here but nice to show what can be done on a dark night. Might be good to leave that shutter open for longer. This one was just 15 minutes. Just goes to show what you can do with a rubber band and a nut when you dont have a shutter release cable at hand.

Rhino and oxpecker by Neil.

Great shot and not many of us saw this one. I like the leading lines and the complementary colours. Also great shadows on the rhino.

Nick Higginbotham’s Zebras.

Great repetition and striking example of turning the ordinary into something that could go up on a wall.

Gayle Higginbotham’s lion.

Great use of colour for a mysterious shot.

We did have some amazing sightings and pictures which did not get recognised as much as they should have been. So guys please send them in. And just for the record I am including a few more images that might be of interest. The night drives at Madikwe were great. Its also staggering to see what these cameras are doing without flash and with only the use of the spotlight. Thanks too to Jacis for sending out the second vehicle for side lighting. I think that I need to invent a long pole for spotlights so that we can shoot side lighting even when in one vehicle. Any engineers out there?

leopard up a tree, by David Rogers.

Lion on giraffe by David Rogers

Spotted eagle owl by David Rogers.

This blogging business is new to me but looks fun and good for interaction between people on the groups. I had an interesting drive home with Rob and he thought that it might be a good idea for me, as guide, to be in the front of the vehicle all the time. I always try to rotate but this position as the front of the vehicle offers the best low angle, but he thinks that it will mean that I have more control over the vehicle placement. What do you think?

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